RESOURCES - Research Paper: The 115 persuasive words

A picture can paint a thousand words 'but the right words can paint a thousand pictures.' So, what is the secret to effective word choice?

Use more verbs, not adjectives. Verbs increase the pulling-power and believability of ad copy, letters, presentations and persuasive conversations.

115 Power Verbs

Abolish Accelerate Achieve Act Advantage Adopt Align Anticipate Apply Assess Avoid
Benefit Boost Break Bridge Build Burn
Capture Change Choose Clarify Comprehend Confront Connect Conquer Convert Create Cross
Decide Difference Define Defuse Deliver Deploy Design Develop Diagnose Discover Drive
Eliminate Ensure Establish Evaluate Exploit Explore
Filter Finalize Find Focus Foresee
Gain Gather Generate Grasp Give
Invest Identify Ignite Illuminate Implement Improve Increase Innovate Inspire Intensify
Lead Learn Leverage
Manage Master Maximize Measure Mobilize Motivate
Overcome Penetrate Persuade Plan Position Prepare Prevent Profit
Result Raise Realize Reconsider Reduce Refresh Replace Resist Respond Retain
Save Scan Segment Shatter Shave-off Sidestep Simplify Solve Stimulate Stop Stretch Succeed Supplement
Take Train Transfer Transform Understand Unleash Use Whittle-down Win

Whenever you deliver your next presentation or discuss your features and benefits, use verbs from the list above.

'Remember, your customer, client or stakeholder wants to know 'What Will It Do For Me' and these verbs are proven to'put the pulling action into it.' - Wells, William D. 'Communicating persuasively.' Journal of Advertising 2006